L J Daylee's "One Kentucky Summer"  from the album 'Vinyl 45' nominated for 2002 Just Plain Folks Music Award

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Just Plain Notes: November 2002 Bulletin Written by Brian Austin Whitney
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Hi Folks,

Well, the day has FINALLY come!  We are officially announcing the nominees for the 2002 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.  This has been a 13 month long process of elimination when we started with 102,000 songs and at final count over 7800 albums and we've narrowed the field down to nominees for best album and song in a wide range of genres and categories.  To put it into perspective, we received more music from our members for this awards program than all the major labels COMBINED released last year.  How's that for a statement on the health, vitality and size of the Grassroots Music Community!

A few quick facts about this years nominees: We have roughly 700 Songs and 325 Albums nominated in over 40 genres. *  Song only  ** Album only

We have nominees this year from 48 US States and Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Northern Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.  (And probably several others we aren't yet aware of since it isn't always clear where both the artists and writers are actually from.) 

This has been an amazing experience and challenge and we want to thank all the folks who helped us get to this stage.  Please keep in mind that we only had space to recognize a fraction of 1% of the songs submitted and only about 4% of the albums entered.  We'll be adding 4 times as many songs to our RFV channel, starting with all the current nominees and expanding to the finalists and about 2000 other great songs we found during the process.  Thanks for everyone's patience during this monumental task!

2002 Song Nominees

Country Song Nomineees Songwriter(s) Artist From the Album Entitled Track Location
One Kentucky Summer

L. Bach, S. Fox

R. Branda

L J Daylee Vinyl 45


Big Thinkin'

R. Fulks, 

D. Wayne

Dallas Wayne Freight Train Boogie 12 CA
Can't Find Merle Gibson & Mileti Gibson & Mileti with the Schmoozers Gibson and Mileti with the Schmoozers 5 TN
Child of the Honky-Tonk Race

E. Cunningham,

 A. L. "Doodle" Owens, Dennis Knutson

Eddie Cunningham Eddie Cunningham 2 CA
Could Have Been You Cindy Kalmenson Cindy Kalmenson Let Me Out Here 1 TN
Hang Out With The Angels Melody Guy Melody Guy Shoulda' Loved Me 11 OR
Hey Cowboy Wanna Get Lucky? Timothy P Irvin Timothy P Irvin Mike The Headless Chicken 9 CO
I'd Die a Thousand Times Jim Lipsky Jim Lipsky Memories 2 WI
If You Have A Dream Tom Fisch, Chris Lindsey Tom Fisch If You Have A Dream 7 TN
I'll Go Around Monty Chriswell, Wes Hightower Stewart Mann I'm Not That Man 1 TX
Mail Myself to Mexico Larry Wayne Clark, Buddy Jewell Michael Mason For All It's Worth 2 TN
Mom's Memories Aren't for Sale Jim Lipsky Jim Lipsky Memories 4 WI
Never Stop Randy Anderson The Randy Anderson Band Lovin' You Up 1 NV
Rodeo in the Sky Jim Lipsky Jim Lipsky Memories 1 WI
She Moved  Steve Fox Steve Fox WWW.FoxSongs.Com 2 Canada
Should Have Loved Me Melody Guy Melody Guy Shoulda' Loved Me 4 OR
Silence Is King Jim Photoglo, Gary Burr Jim Photoglo Fly Straight Home 7 TN
Through The Eyes That Love Me Melody Guy Melody Guy Shoulda' Loved Me 12 OR
What's One More Time Lori McKenna Lori McKenna Paper Wings & Halo 2 MA
Who Gave You The Right Troy Olsen Troy Olsen Living In Your World 4 AZ
Why Steve Fox Steve Fox Steve Fox 1 Canada

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