L J Daylee 'Vinyl 45' Album


Nominated Outstanding Country Album


by  Prairie Music Alliance



'Vinyl 45' is a rich mixture of original country music, from the upbeat title track to the blues style of 'They're Just Lonely'. The combined talents of  Jamie Warren and L J make 'What Do They Know' an exceptional duet. A little bit of 50's retro comes to mind listening to the bubbly  'How Crazy My Baby Is About Me'. True love is found in 'North of the Moon'  and  'Love Me'.  Past loves are remembered in  'One Kentucky Summer'  and the sultry  'Nothing to Forget'.  'Guardian Angel' is a tribute to overcoming obstacles and satisfaction can be summed up with  'I Can Fly'.

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Other Singles Released From the Album: 'Vinyl 45'..




Kentucky Summer




I Can Fly 


written by L J Daylee

and Rob Hewes


reached #3 on EMS charts




North of the Moon


written by L J Daylee

and Rob Hewes


reached #4 on EMS charts




What Do They Know



L J Daylee & Jamie Warren  






Vinyl 45





'L J Daylee'  Debut Album

This album is filled with upbeat country songs and soft, thoughtful ballads.


L J goes 'Dancing with Elvis', becomes a 'Honky Tonk Hurricane' and takes it 'One Day at a Time'.  L J co-wrote 7 of the 12 songs on the album, each reflecting personal experiences with universal appeal. "I can't write about something I don't know" says Daylee. This is reflected in the very personal songs: 'The Promise' and 'This Heart'.


ARIA (Alberta Recording Industry Association) nominated this album for nine awards in 2000.


L J's debut CD offers country music listeners a variety of her own original music.



Singles From... L J Daylee's debut album

The following singles have been released to radio: All of which  have charted nationally. 

Internationally, "Natural Fact" reached #4 on the charts in Denmark.

Single Release - Dancing With Elvis   Single Release - I Saved the Best for Last   Single Release 'Natural Fact'  Single Release - One Day at a Time  Single Release - The Promise

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