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LJ Daylee Debut CD Debut CD         L J Daylee 'Vinyl 45'     Vinyl 45

 1) Dancing With Elvis               PLAY

 by R. Harbin/S. Worthington

 1) Vinyl 45                                                Play

 by D.Charney/LJ Daylee/S.Fox/R.Hewes

 2) Honky Tonk Hurricane         PLAY

 by L.J. Daylee/K. Jodoin/R. Hewes

 2) What Do They Know                        Play

 by D.Goodman/R.Heath/B.Hobbs

 3) I Saved the Best for Last      PLAY

 by S. Anderson/S. Jones

 3) How Crazy My Baby Is About Me  Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

 4) One Day at a Time                  Play

 by L. J. Daylee/R.Hewes

 4) Guardian Angel                                  Play

 by L. J. Daylee/R.Hewes/D.Steele

 5)  I Donít do Lonely                   Play

 by T. Johnson/D. Malloy/K. Williams

 5) They're Just Lonely                          Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

 6) She Drifts Away                      Play

 by L. J. Daylee/R. Hewes

 6) You've Got My Attention                  Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

 7) One by One                              Play

 by S. Anderson/L. Langham

 7) One Kentucky Summer                    Play

 by L. Bach/R.Branda/S.Fox

 8) Without You                             Play

 by L. J. Daylee/R. Hewes

 8) Only Two People On Earth              Play

 by D.Goodman/R.Heath/R.Perry

 9) This Heart                                 Play

 by D. Charney/L. J. Daylee/R. Hewes

 9) It's Your Fault                                      Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

10) Natural Fact                             Play

 by L. J. Daylee/T. Couturier

10) Nothing To Forget                            Play

 by R.Heath/M.Mason/R.Perry

11) The Promise                            Play

 by L. J. Daylee/R. Hewes

11) North Of The Moon                           Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

12) Kiss Me Tonight                     Play

 by R. Heath

12) Love Me                                               Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes

13) I Can Fly                                               Play

 by L J Daylee/R.Hewes



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