European Tour

School Performance

Children's Hospital

Radio Neckarburg

Gasthaus Engel

Rattlesnake Saloon

Country Western Club

Texas House

Rednex Saloon

Four Corners Saloon

Last Hope Saloon

Red River Saloon


Tour Memories

The "Gasthaus Engel"  in Neuhausen was the start of the tour

München's Rattlesnake Saloon train is special - that's for sure


The "Texas House" in Villingen serves great Chicken Wings 

And the quaint Rednex Saloon in Wengen definitely swings


Bern's Country/Western Club has great Swiss hospitality

Untermeitingen's "Four Corners Saloon" has personality


At the Last Hope Saloon in Möhren new friendships were made

And, in Heilbronn's  Red River Saloon the last song was played


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